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Monday, January 30, 2006

Annual Parish Meeting

Yesterday's Annual Parish Meeting wasn't a record-setter for brevity -- an hour and a half, I think, as opposed to the recent "record" of under an hour. But there were issues in the proposed budget which needed discussion. Once again we have passed a deficit budget (as we have many times before), but this time there was a bigger effort on outreach and growth -- we are, after all, in one of the least-churched regions of the country, and we have *much* to offer.

The Senior Warden, who "cannot recall when he was last not on the Vestry" agreed to stay on an additional year ("...period" --- was that end of sentence, or only one more year? he didn't say) to help the transition.

The presence of the website, and this blog, was announced to the parish in the meeting. One hopes members will feel free to comment!


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