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Monday, March 29, 2010


I confess I am stunned by the reactions, expressed in the comments to postings about the altar, from the members of St. George's, such as:
"I cried this morning, having found out that the altar from our old St.George's is somewhere far away, and I will probably never see it again. And then this afternoon I received emails and information of how graciously and lovingly the Church of St.Bartholomew has received the altar.
I am deeply gratified and moved by the sentiments expressed by the pastor of St.Bartholomew. We had something very special at St.George's--it appears that the same spirit is there at St.Bartholomew.
God bless you."
And it's more than that. I have a little visitor counter on the blog page that tells me usually useless things such as what location visitors come from. It's free and thus limited, but today for the first time in the history of the blog it ran well over the "last 100 visitors" limit, and those mostly from Ohio. I suspect there have been a LOT of e-mails about the "Šv. Jurgio" altar. (How does one pronounce that? Varying degrees of knowledge of English, Gaelic, German, Spanish, and Latin provide no hint.)

We have indeed received a great treasure. And if any members from St. George's are still visiting the blog, here is the cover of yesterday's bulletin:


  • At 2:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It is so wonderful to see such a beautiful picture of our altar from St. George's in Cleveland at home in your beautiful church. I feel confident that the caring people of St. Bartholomew's will treat it with love and kindness as so many have done over the past many, many years. It is good to know that the altar has a new and caring home. Thank you. Carol T.


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