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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Setting up the library, in earnest this time

Ever since we occupied the church building we've had a library in the Parish Hall but, like churches' libraries often are, it has always been rather ad-hoc. Once, I think back in the '80s, one of our parishioners undertook the task of listing the books in it and creating check-out cards. That list and the cards are long since gone and forgotten.

Sometime a while back somebody undertook the task of organizing the books by topic and labeling the shelves, but it became a mess again. You can see some of it in the background of a couple of photos posted here on our church's website.

The "issue" of organizing the library came up in a recent Vestry meeting and one of the members, Catherine B., volunteered. She has done a wonderful job: it now has the look of being set up by a professional librarian, right down to displaying new books on stands amongst the shelves. Catherine, thank you! (Perhaps on return home from abroad I will take an "after" picture to share.)

New books will be appearing from time to time. We are now subscribed to an Anglican book club and Fr. Daniel occasionally purchases a new book for the library.

And it won't stop with books; Fr. Daniel is establishing what he says every church should have: a collection of Anglican choral music. This being the subject of his thesis for his doctorate in music, I am sure his will be a most excellent collection!


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