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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Advent class canceled

Our last Wednesday evening Advent class was canceled again yesterday, this time due to snow.

About 4:30 yesterday afternoon Fr. Daniel called to say the roads by the church were not looking very good due to the snow. I'd been tracking the incoming storm on the radar on through the afternoon and knew the worst of it hadn't even reached Woodinville yet. So Fr. Daniel called around to make sure people knew the class was canceled -- we'd try again next week.

This seems an ill-fated four-week class on the Psalms, from a book by C.S. Lewis. I seem to recall bad weather kept people away one evening -- I don't remember if it was the first windstorm, during which a 100' to 150' Douglas fir blew down and blocked our road. The next day was our really bad windstorm, and electricity was out for a week. For my part I've had 6 AM meetings at work on Thursday mornings, though those are (hopefully) now ended.

snow By standards of other areas of the country we didn't get all that much snow, just a few inches, but the likelihood of black ice coupled with inadequate road machinery means it gets difficult to get around. When I wake up to scenes like this (from my front door), I know I'm not going anywhere fast.


  • At 4:37 PM, Blogger Anglican Parish Priest said…

    I didn't believe it when I first moved here, but just a modest snowfall can turn the Seattle area into a nightmare. They just aren't used to snow here! After snow hits the area, a normal 1/2 hour commute can take literally hours. Roads that are easily driveable under normal conditions turn very treacherous. And then there are the steep hills, impossible to get up and down without a 4WD or at least a good set of chains. Finally, the inadequate road-clearing machinery means that the roads remain pretty much as they are for days. There is a reason why the Weather Service told us to, "Just take a day off". Good Idea.

  • At 5:25 PM, Blogger Continuing Home said…

    Yup. I wound up taking the day off.

    After the power went out I had to go out and shovel the drive so my temporarily-2WD could get out, and a strip of the road up the hill so it would have a chance of getting back up. (Futile -- the less-step portions further down are now ice and 2WD w/o chains will not make it at all.)

    Saw a LOT of cars in ditches this afternoon, out in my wife's (working) 4WD.

    And some of those hills? 4WD is not good enough; maybe chains would be.

    But you're right about people not being used to snow here. The big storm of '96(?) saw a LOT of SUVs in ditches. And even today we saw folks going too fast for conditions...


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