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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Epiphany and babies

With Epiphany falling on a Saturday, one wouldn't expect a big turnout for Holy Communion (even though preceded by Morning Prayer, while not sung still beautiful), and in this, sad to say, we were not disappointed. We did not have a big turnout, though perhaps it was due to the extensive prevalence of "black ice" throughout the region. It almost doubled the time it took for us to drive to church safely.

Nevertheless I was surprised at the turnout in one regard: fully a third of those who were present were babies (under three years old)!


  • At 5:28 PM, Anonymous Chazaq said…

    I posted this at The Continuum but thought it pertained here too:

    Saturday I attended an Epiphany service at Church of the Ascension (Anglican Catholic Church (ACC)) in Northern Virginia, attended by folks from congregations in four different jurisdictions. Two priests from the ACC, two from the Episcopal Missionary Church (EMC), and one from the Reformed Episcopal Church (REC) concelebrated, with one of the EMC clergy preaching a real stemwinder of a sermon. An Archdeacon from the Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA) was also present. As a recent CANA member (unyoked from TEC, praise Jesus), this was the first time I had attended a service involving multiple parts of the anglican continuum. About a third of the people attending were kids/teenagers (no babies visible). I had a blast afterwards talking to the folks from all the different jurisdictions!

  • At 5:41 PM, Blogger Continuing Home said…

    How neat! Thanks for the report!!

  • At 6:36 PM, Blogger The Miller Menagerie said…

    Two of the babies of Ascension were our two in attendance at St. Bartholomew's. That's our old church when we lived in VA! Blame us for the lack of babies at Ascension.


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