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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Gates of Paradise

I needn't have worried. Although more snow came down overnight, to where part of the drive to church this morning looked like the photo to the left, we had no problem. (Still, in my 25 years in the Seattle area I've never seen this much snow this time of year.)

I was also able to fulfill my duties as Crucifer, Server and Epistler, the latter being relatively short but to the point, beginning at I St. John v.4, about the central importance of faith. I wonder how many of us (Americans) really have our faith tested these days and are maybe a bit lukewarm as a result.

Then again for all my own trials I'm only a degree or so above lukewarm, except that I now am pretty certain I know the grounding of my own belief.

I was a little concerned when snowflakes began falling again during the service, but they were temporary.

So after the service a group of us made our somewhat scattered way down to Redmond and thence west to Seattle, in particular the Seattle Art Museum, in an outing organized by Bob & Diane (thank you SO much!!!) to see the art exhibit "The Gates of Paradise," as they were dubbed by none other than Michelangelo! Lorenzo Ghiberti created a masterpiece of scenes from the Bible for a "baptistry" in Florence. Three of the ten scenes, restored gilt brass, are on display -- when they return to Florence they will remain there. 27 years went into the making of these works, restoration has already taken 20 years and continues.

If they come to your area, go see them.

Our group (pictured) did. Looking at the works, I considered the faith that could produce such and left... humbled.


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