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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nostalgia for Heaven

One of the little services to St. Bartholomew's I enjoy doing is being webmaster. It has its downsides during periods of travel, because things get a bit more out of date than I like (i.e. it can get more than a week out of date, but then again I see church websites that haven't been touched in years).

Still, even when scrambling to catch up, as I just did this afternoon, there are positives that come to the fore. In this case it was publishing Fr. Daniel's Lenten sermons.

In the process of publishing them (turning them into PDFs among other things) I end up reading them too, and while I think they're always quite good sometimes he hits a note even higher than his usual high standard. I think he did so with his Lent IV: "Nostalgia for Heaven", which I missed hearing because I was... somewhere away. But I got to read it today.

Well done!


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