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Sunday, April 04, 2010

The longest procession

Today's procession was, I believe, the longest train in St. Bartholomew's history. With a Thurifer, Crucifer, two Lucifers, a Banner-Bearer, an acolyte or three, the Master of Ceremonies, the Lay Reader, Deacon Miller and Fr. Davis in procession, the beginning was in the Sanctuary before the end left the Narthex. I didn't get a picture, but perhaps Cynthia got one of the recessional. (She was the one who took the photo of my birthday blessing last week.)

On a different matter, Fr. Davis is good at picking the hymns. The Gradual Hymn, 97 Victimae Paschali was one I had never heard before, but beautiful. Then he followed up with one of my all-time favorites for the Post-Communion Hymn, 197 Picardy. How I wish I could find a recording of those!


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