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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Back on the Bench

Kathy was back on the bench today, filling in until we find a new organist. She admits her training was on piano (and guitar and harp and...), not organ, and maybe we've been a bit spoiled by professional organists, But along with Fr. Davis I too appreciate her contribution.

This made for a very busy weekend for her. She spent the day yesterday at the womens' prison in Purdy WA, as part of the Kairos prison ministry program. And after the service it was off to an afternoon memorial service with Iranian(-American) friends.

In the meantime I have been enlisted by a fellow parishioner to help what looks like a several-year art project: in my international travels to collect print items in different languages, different scripts, different papers. Given that my only international trips this year are anticipated to be London, Saarbrücken (Germany) and Rome, I'm not going to have much to contribute. But maybe I can mine my folders of previous trips for material from Seoul, Beijing, Shenzhen, New Delhi, Bangalore, and a number of European cities.

A flyer in German for Frankfurt's "Ebbel-Wei Expreß" (named for a local "Apple-wine")?

And lest you think the Germans have no humor, here is one entrance to Frankfurt's "U-Bahn" subway system.


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