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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Broken links

It is surprising at times to see how this blog "gets around." Ranjit asked this morning if I had posted something about snow being in our forecast, having heard something to that effect from someone else. (After our White Christmas two years ago folks are still on edge.)

I had to think about it a bit, then remembered the White Christmas? posting last week. I assured him it was okay, and suggested that if nothing else he could check the weather & traffic link from the church website to see about conditions.

Although we have no scheduled events for a few days, we might get snow midweek that could last for a couple of days according to current forecasts (plenty of time for things to change either way). So I thought I'd double-check the weather page and to my horror, the links were broken -- both Washington Dept. of Transportation and King County had changed their traffic camera websites.

A half-hour of reworking their links into a simple presentation on the weather page results in something hopefully useful for those making a decision on driving in based on road conditions near the church.


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