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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Almost oops

Got a call from Kathy, at the church following her long training day for the upcoming Kairos prison ministry event (which I am thinking I will join next time -- it won't be the first time I've "gone inside" the clashing gates for a ministry, but it will be the first time with a large group). She'd arrived at the church and found a work party in progress.

Work party? Uh, oh. I didn't remember anything about any work parties this Saturday, I told her. Well, apparently it was impromptu and they hadn't even sent out an e-mail. I guess this is the first work party (since whenever) I've missed when I haven't been away traveling, but maybe that's okay because I was able to address and finish up a small project at home that's been hanging around since... well, last year.

Then another panic -- did I completely forget server training this morning? I remembered 9 AM, and remembered too that Fr. David had held training on Saturdays. So quick, bring up the church website and check the Announcements page for the schedule... whew, it's tomorrow! I had been thinking it was going to be another session with the Schola Cantorum instead.

Church websites can be helpful for parishioners too!


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