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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Schola Cantorum Learns the Litany

This morning's "early-risers" (start time: 9 AM), with those quotes removed for the Miller Menagerie who travel a greater than normal distance, to attend this morning's Schola Cantorum had a real treat in store -- The Litany "or General Supplication"! (Found on page 54 of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer: in HTML and PDF).

Of course it wouldn't suffice to just learn it (easy enough there, with only three notes), but Fr. Daniel treated us to a history of the Litany, from Latin to English to the version we have now -- and incidentally, so far the only case *I* know of where Cranmer perhaps didn't get it just perfect, but that may be a case of de gustibus non dispundandum est, "in matters of taste..." (You're free to disagree with this lay churchman.)

Having reviewed the history Fr. Daniel then showed us the internal structure of the Litany, naming each of the various portions.

Finally we attempted the Litany itself, although with time running out we had to sing selected elements of each section. But even on a first attempt it sounded pretty good to my ear; I hope we will have it in a service soon; with just a few such "trained" leaders the congregation should do just fine.

I forgot who made the comment to the effect, "We should sing more." Although I agree, I also know Fr. Daniel has reasons for various things he does -- and aren't we headed into Lent?

(Headed into Lent: Following 5:30 Evensong Tuesday, Gordon's Great Shrove Tuesday pancake supper.)


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