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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Busy week

I hadn't intended to be away from this blog so long, but it has been a very busy week. Somewhere around here I still have my notes from Sunday's server training, to be posted under the title "Acolyte Master Ranjit Cracks The Whip!", complete with photos, but the notes are not in front of me, the pictures still in the camera, the posting is not done, and there is no healt...

Part of what ate up my time were the final preparations for a pitch for a new position at work. The good news is that those to whom I made the pitch bought it, the bad news is that it could mean even more travel than before.

I've also been a bit (too) focused on the news, or lack of same, coming out of Dar-Es-Salaam (literally and ironically "House of Peace") in Tanzania this week, as the world-wide Anglican Communion decides the shape of its future. What this means for us at St. Bartholomew's, I'm not certain.

In any event, in under an hour the men will gather for Matins, breakfast, fellowship and whatever follows. Our new Junior Warden, Paul, left a brief message on the answering machine saying he had rented a chipper for today. Easy to figure that one out -- we're going to be doing more clean-up from December's nasty windstorm. (I see cleanup continuing all through the area, as more downed trees disappear from time to time, and line crews working on phone, cable and powerlines hither and yon.) Note to self: wear work clothes and bring work gloves.

Perhaps more later today...

Update: I finally offloaded the pictures from the camera -- and was amazed at what was still there. But for now here are two pictures from last week's practice; one with a Crucifer and two Lucifers practicing the procession in, and one in our very narrow sacristy where Ranjit explains the taper.


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