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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Trinity Sunday

I certainly goofed this morning! Some how I managed to completely forget that the next Bible Study class started this morning, so we didn't arrive until about 15 minutes before the service, enough time for me to vest, light the candles and preview today's "selection of Scripture appointed for the Epistle." The last was a bit of a long read and somehow difficult today, though I've read it uncounted Trinity Sundays; I just couldn't catch the tone of voice for which I was reaching.

I sensed something was off so I asked Fr. Daniel and he confirmed we'd missed the Bible Study. Ugh.

While lighting the candles I saw Ranjit walk daughter Kavya up into the Sanctuary, then to the Gospel side where a shelf-stand is mounted on the wall for the Christmas Creche. I had no idea what that was about, but it wasn't long before I learned.

Candles lit and done in the Sacristy, I headed over to the Fr. Leen Learning Center building where we form up our longer processions. There I found Fr. Daniel, Deacon Ed, our Crucifer and Lucifers... and little Kavya in front carrying something new, a Sunday School banner. Such a cute picture -- but my camera was back in the Sacristy along with everything else I deposit there for the service! After the procession she left the banner by the shelf-stand. Before the sermon, when the Sunday School exited, she led them out with the banner. Very nice.

The announcements this Sunday included one for the variously-named "Summer Class on Evangelism", which I think of as "Evangelism for Anglicans" --not ringing doorbells, not erecting revival tents, "no beating folks over the head with the Book of Common Prayer 1928" (to quote Fr. Daniel)-- but arming the general church members with the means to live and share and explain our faith with our friends and others around us.

I am really interested in this class; my earlier life as an Episcopalian left me woefully short in this regard, and I think we Anglicans need to shake off that inherited lethargy. Having a beautiful expression of "The Faith Once Delivered" may bring in some "concert-goers" (I have read writings of people attracted to Anglican services for the performance), but we need to do better than that. And recognize that "conversion" isn't something completed in a moment but is often a long process with (my words) much preparation and ongoing support.

Coming back to earth, Nancy J announced the formation of the Garden Guild. There will apparently be a short organizational meeting Sunday the 10th. To that end she circulated a survey asking, among other things, if people would to help with "planning, planting, watering, weeding, ...). I've noted the dramatic change in the gardens lately, SO MANY blossoms lately it's almost blinding, and I hope they'll continue. (I'm keeping my black thumb far away...)

Between that and other changes around the grounds of late, our "presentation" from the street is improving.


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