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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Saturday Sale

Saturday's ACW "Plant and Garage Sale" was an unqualified success. The women put a lot of planning and work into it and it showed, with an announcement on Craig's List, the signs that started a mile or so away down Avondale Road, the signs directing folks into the parking lot and then down the walkway to the Parish Hall, past Banning's lemonade, brownie (Bake Sale?) and Mother's Day Cactus stand (where Ranjit has some fun for the camera), past the "large items" section (bicycles, tents and so on), through the Plant Sale section (being managed here by Josette), and finally into the Parish Hall. When I arrived about 1 o'clock to see what was going on, the sale had been underway for several hours and though I hadn't seen the setup it was clear that a LOT of things had already been sold. A lot of plants too, with a number of groups of pots up by the Sunday School with "SOLD" signs on them.

A very steady stream of people came through the sale, and most left with a least one treasure in hand. One woman purchased quite a number of items and I had to help carry the boxes up to her car. By the end of the sale the hall was looking a bit bare.

That pink bike was one of the last things to be sold; it should make some little girl happy.

(Thank you to Kathy for the pictures.)


  • At 8:09 PM, Blogger Kathleen said…

    You are most welcome. I had fun taking them and fun helping at the sale and fun baking up lots of goodies with Nancy Johnson. We ladies should have baking bees once in a while. Perhaps in preparation for the next KAIROS in September. Any takers?


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