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Friday, May 11, 2007

*Incense Alert!

Well, I have my answer on the procession: There will be one! (Reminder: Open the Nave windows so we can hear the organ...?) But wait, there's more. A whole lot more!

I was a little surprised when I opened Fr. Daniel's e-mail to the Parish yesterday, with all the activity over the next week.

Saturday is our Garage and Plant Sale. A couple of the men were drafted to put up the banner on our sign during the ACW meeting following Coffee Hour -- and the question of on which side of the sign the banner should be hung was quickly resolved with the discovery that on one side there were small nails on the sign perfectly matching the mounting holes in the banner! Items have been donated and brought in over the week, and today some of the women were planning to bake up a storm.

Sunday is, as noted, Rogation Sunday, and Fr. Daniel's e-mail noted that we will have a procession. Maybe a good thing the women didn't really bake up a storm; the forecast says partly cloudy, and the highs are forecast to be a comfortable (for me) 63F. But wait, there's more.

Sunday our Church School will perform the Bible Story play they've been preparing. I wonder what it will be? These are always a delight, and imaginatively prepared. But wait, there's more.

On Rogation Tuesday the Litany is added to Matins. But wait, there's more.

On Rogation Wednesday there is a "solemn Evensong," which includes the "Incense Alert!"

Thursday is Ascension Day, which Fr. Daniel notes as a major feast day on par with Christmas and Easter.

For me it's also "packing day," because Friday my wife and I fly to New England for her grandmother's funeral (she was only 106!). But this means she will miss the "Ladies' Arts & Crafts Social" on Friday and I the "Mens' Group" on Saturday. But we hope to celebrate "Ascension I" in another APCK church in Connecticut before our flights home. (You CT churches in the Hartford area are duly warned!)


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