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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Evangelism for Anglicans V - Finale (almost)

I had intended to post this summary Thursday evening after the class, but with so many other things demanding my time I just didn't get to it until almost 48 hours later. This class was a little different from the preceding ones. Instead of an opening discussion from Fr. Daniel, we began with a look into the Hymnal (1940) on missions, with Hymns 253 through 265 on this topic. Fr. Daniel noted that these were clearly written at a time quite different from the current age, presuming to come from a thoroughly Christian national culture reaching out to a less educated and Christian world. He focused his discussion on Hymn 263, "In Christ There is no East or West," arranged by Harry T. Burleigh (a black Episcopalian mentioned in an earlier posting). But he also mentioned another hymn noted before on this blog, #262, with its "sultry forests / where apes swing to and fro" -- nobody was able to read the lyrics without chuckling.

In any event, we returned to the list of concerns/inhibitors created in the first class. How different and in many ways inconsequential they look now! Now we could look at them, categorize them, and recognize the tools we now have for overcoming them. In just 5 weeks.

And it was also noted that of the various phases: planting seeds, watering them, pulling weeds, and harvesting -- not everyone may be called to engage in every phase, but every phase is critical.

Discussion followed on how we bring this forward in the parish life of St. Bartholomew's, but as this is an ongoing discussion (via email), and I am way too tired tonight, I will report on this later. The class finale is not the end of the matter.


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