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The ongoing saga of a Continuing Anglican church home, as seen by a member of the laity.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Since the previous post I've been away to a conference (Las Vegas), returned home, and am now packed again for another trip, in the same poor health I've enjoyed since two trips ago. But the good news is that the trip following this was canceled so I'll be home for the holidays -- all of them, from All Hallow's Eve through Epiphany and beyond!

One benefit of that cancellation is that I'll be able to participate in a few events I had written off. One that looks interesting is "The Continuing Relevance of C. S. Lewis for the Church Today," A Church Leaders Forum with The Rev. Dr. Michael Ward, to be held in Seattle on Friday the 14th. Apparently there will be a small group from St. Bartholomew's attending.

But for now I'm off to Vienna, returning the 30th.


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