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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Selah (again)

Just a note that I'm out on the road again tomorrow, first for a week and a half of techincal committee meetings in Atlanta followed by a few days for a conference in Dallas, returning two weeks from tonight. I'm going to miss a few events at St. Bartholomew's including the Mens' Breakfast for September, so I won't be able to report on them.

For my travels I took a look at "communion" (ACC, APCK, UECNA) churches in both locations (this coming Sunday in Atlanta and the following in Dallas) but none of the churches in the areas are reachable by public transit so there will likely be no reports on same from this Wandering Anglican.

Don't know about "Smoky Matt's" in Dallas (?), but a church that goes that heavy on incense might be an experience to be reported, if I can get there... prior caveats apply.

In any event this blog is likely to be somewhat quiet for the next couple of weeks. If so, it's only temporary.


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