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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Feeding Tent City 4

Led by master chef Drew, volunteers from the parish provided dinner on Friday for the hundred or so residents of Tent City 4, a homeless encampment currently hosted not far from St. Bartholomew's. Rhonda, Ranjit and Paul started the spaghetti noodles at the kitchen by the camp, while Drew and Deedee prepared the sauce (some with meatballs, some without) in our kitchen. Other folks sliced the bread and prepared unnumbered (by me, anyway) bowls of salad. Drew gave the numbers today, such as 30 pounds of salad. Cameron was setting out the drinks and decided to have a little fun -- he laid them out as a smiley-face. (The campers were amused -- one said the Kathy, "Mine is from the eye.") I hope some of those who were there will add their experiences in the comments.


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