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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Meatballs Galore

Thanks to Kathy I can present a photo from an event last Saturday: the Meatball Party!

This requires explanation. For a couple of years or so we have had apparently several "tent cities" for the homeless in the Seattle area. There's been controversy about these tent cities but I don't think anyone could argue that at the least they're better than the ad-hoc homeless encampments they are (perhaps) displacing. One "feature" of these camps is that they're set up in a locale for a few months, then they move on yo another. Right now we have a camp set up rather far out in the suburbs not far from St. Bartholomew's -- and we have signed up to host a dinner for the residents, tomorrow night.

Little do they know, we have master chefs (and they are great!) working the issue.

This has required a significant amount of planning and preparation, and one major stage was the making of meatballs for the spaghetti and garlic-bread dinner. After the end of the Lenten quiet day at the church, a volunteer crew met to make the meatballs for this dinner in advance, to be frozen (oh well) until needed. A sizable crew turned out; this photo shows only a few and only some of the end product.

An e-mail went out earlier today -- the meatballs and sauce will be cooking well in advance tomorrow. The (rest of the) cooks will gather around 5:45 PM to prepare the additional items. Servers are to arrive by 5:30 to prepare tables and toss the salads. Dinner begins at 6 PM.

[And quite literally as soon as I had finished writing the preceding I received a phone call -- a couple of cakes have been baked by parish members and will be picked up in a few minutes for delivery tomorrow.]


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