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Saturday, April 04, 2009

I just got e-mail from Deedee with a terrific find! The website begins:
Are you searching for a traditional Anglican church in your hometown? Are you travelling and want to worship at an Anglican parish in the area that you’re visiting?

Find A Parish provides listings of traditional Continuing Anglican parishes across the United States. All parishes of the Anglican Catholic Church, Anglican Province of Christ the King, and the United Episcopal Church of North America are listed.

To quote Deedee: "Never again will I have to go perusing 3 different websites to find a church while on vacation" or, for me, while traveling. I took a look for my planned U.S. trips through June:
Denver CO: nope (it's a really brief visit anyway, and no car)
Germantown MD: Frederick is in reach, if they have weekday evening services
Louisville KY: A distinct possibility, depending upon public transportation

I also took a few minutes to research Helsinki, Finland -- yes, there's an Anglican church there, but the only service(s) appear to be on Sunday. And I fly out from Vantaa at 6:40 AM Sunday morning. Oh well.

Thank you very much, Deedee!


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