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Saturday, May 09, 2009

And a good time was had by all

Kathy flew back from Synod this afternoon. I drove down to SeaTac airport to pick her up, and got quite a lengthy briefing on the actions and activities at Synod on the way back through traffic. The briefing made me wish, once again, that I could have gone -- but next year's is early enough that I probably won't have a conflict.

One of the various actions was to formally welcome three new parishes into the diocese. Knowing some of the folks who regularly attend Synod I am sure it was a warm welcome indeed and I hope they are happy with their new diocesan family. I look forward to personal opportunities to meet or visit them, though this Wandering Anglican's business is not likely to take me to their locales anytime soon. *

Drew wound up making the pitch for this summer's Anglican Family Camp, a several-day comfortable (i.e. electricity, treated water, hot showers) camp-out together. We've been to all the previous camp-outs (well, to be honest, both of them), look forward to this year's, and hope to see even more of the Diocese of the West present.

The McGraths are (right) now undoubtedly on the long drive to their next destination in southern California, after which The Rev. Dr. Daniel McGrath (now a.k.a. LTJG Daniel McGrath, CHC USN -- and not being Navy I can't parse all the acronyms) will report in to begin his service as a Navy chaplain. Godspeed to the McGraths, and please stay in touch.

* Drat! When drawing up my list of things to see in Helsinki, Finland, two weeks ago, I forgot to note down the Anglican church there, even if it wasn't open on Saturday when I was free to tour. Oh well..


  • At 9:37 PM, Blogger Kathleen said…

    I am thoroughly exhausted and need time to "decompress" after this incredibly intense and meaningful experience.

    I arrived on Thursday at 9:30 AM at Oakland airport and was given a ride to the Lafayette Park Hotel (where the Synod took place) by DeeDee Miller and her three children. The ride was exhilarating with animated conversation from the back seat as well. Prudence is a delightful young lady. Her brothers were asleep and snoring in their car seats. We arrived in fine order, I checked in but my room was not ready so I dropped my bags off at the Hospitality Suite and visited with some folks on the way there and once I arrived there as well. It was like old home week - people I had not seen in a year, sometimes more, were gearing up for the meetings that were about to begin. I noticed a workshop under way but was reluctant to disturb the flow by arriving late. It turned out to be a very informative and powerful teaching about East West Spirituality and Prayer. I attended the second session the next day.
    Next came the ACW (Anglican Church Women) luncheon out in the Wishing Well courtyard under sun shade umbrellas with trees of roses and other flowers all around. It was a gorgeous day!


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