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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon -- R.I.P.

We were saddened the past hour to learn of the passing of Fr. Peter Toon, an outspoken advocate of the Anglican way and the (U.S.) 1928 Book of Common Prayer, who lived nearby in Issaquah.


  • At 7:48 AM, Blogger Tregonsee said…

    A great loss. He gave a series of presentations at a local Continuing Church about 2 years ago.

  • At 1:08 PM, Blogger Anglican Parish Priest said…

    I was grateful for the chance to work for him in a series of articles for Mandate, on The Hymnal 1940. He was also fond of our parish here at Saint Bartholomoew's and came twice to give lectures on a weeknight supper/class. (That reminds me, he thought my Advent Supper too extravagent: "It's supposed to be the little Lent", he said.) He also blessed our Rector's Study with an endowment of books from his personal library when he recently moved from Issaqua, WA to San Diego, CA. A good friend, mentor and fellow traveler to the Heavenly City : God be with you!


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