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Monday, July 13, 2009

Fate, tempted

The previous post may have tempted fate a bit too much. Although things seemed to be drying a bit Saturday afternoon, when I woke up Sunday morning there was a soaking drizzle ("rain" to Californians) well underway and the trees above us were saturated so it was coming down on our tents as well. Everything was wet. So Mass was conducted from within the cooking shelter, the serving counters defining the "sanctuary." And afterwards we all packed in the rain and headed out.

Due to circumstances I was almost on hour late leaving -- by which time the clouds were clearing, the sun was shining (we had not seen it the whole time) and things were warming up and drying for the next group to use the campground.

There were discussions about how things had fallen through with regards to including the new Oregon churches in the announcements for this camp, but the organizers are determined this will not happen again next year. The tentative plan is to have next year's camp somewhere in southern Oregon (one suggestion was "Lake of the Woods" near Eugene) and make sure they're included!

Another side discussion noted how the SoCal churches aren't coming (but after all, it IS a long ways north) and how maybe if somebody in SoCal were interested we could pool experience and have northern" and "southern" campouts for those interested.


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