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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Selah again (and again, and again...)

Usually my big travel seasons are autumn and spring, but this summer seems to be trying to play catch-up. Back from a week in Louisville tomorrow we're off to Connecticut (to bury my mother-in-law's ashes), then back home for a day before we head off to the diocesan Family Camp campout followed by a visit with family in CA. I get one or two days home after that then it's off to Chicago for a couple of days, back a week and then off to Ohio... and then it'll be August, with about 7 weeks home before the fall season leads off with Strasbourg (maybe).

Having been home sick Sunday means it will be a month or more I'll be away from St. Bartholomew's, including two Men's Breakfast and Fellowship Saturdays. Not good.

But if I have Internet at the campout I might blog from there. (T-Mobile's site says I'll have Internet there, albeit slow.)

Our third Rectoral candidate will be here this weekend; I am sorry I am going to miss that.


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