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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Announcements Sunday

On the Ordo Kalender Sunday was the First Sunday after Trinity, but at St. Bartholomew's it was Announcements Sunday. Deacon Ed had nothing in particular to announce, but Nancy J and Barbara quickly leaped in with an announcement about the Garden Guild, which will be hosting the Coffee Hour next Sunday -- and asked folks to bring colorful plants that are resistant to rabbits, deer, and mountain beaver. I haven't seen the mountain beaver, but have seen deer and Sunday saw that the rabbits are still around -- with the presence of this little one down by the entrance, not much larger than a man's fist.

This was followed by another Garden Guild announcement about the weekly watering schedule, and other gardening folks may wish to do.

Then another announcement... but that one's a secret for now.

Then the Senior Warden gave an advance announcement about the visit the weekend of the 4th by our third rectoral candidate, details to follow later.

Okay, we're done, we thought but no... Another announcement about Saturday's Mens' Fellowship Breakfast and following work party.

Then an announcement about the next dinner St. Bartholomew's will be hosting for Tent City 4 in July.

And then... a reminder that the food banks continue to need donations.

And then finally, the service could continue. Whew!

(These items are in more detail on the church website's Announcements page.)


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