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Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Once again, it's more than likely there will be a pause in the blog. Tied up in offsite corporate training this week (through tomorrow), I am off on a red-eye flight to Atlanta tomorrow night to participate in 8 straight days of technical committee meetings at Georgia Tech. I've been through this lengthy meeting routine before and it's pretty grueling, even when one starts out rested.

There is a church in our communion that may be reachable via public transport. If it all works out, the Wandering Anglican will pay a visit and report back here.

But at least, Deo volunte, I will be home the week after that. Yesterday I narrowly dodged attendance the following week at a conference in Denver, to be present for the kickoff of yet another committee on which I am likely to serve. It would not have been fun to fly home Friday night only to fly out again Sunday morning -- or worse, early afternoon when I would have still had to have been at SEA (U.S. airline code for SeaTac airport) early Sunday morning so family could attend services.

Sadly, I will miss everything about the ACW autumn/Christmas sale which will be held Saturday the 7th. We had a comedy of missed/confused communications over the past two weeks about my taking some pictures of a finely detailed creche set that will be raffled off. A series of assumptions took place, only one of which had to be wrong, for me to have come up with a photo of the set, using the makeshift low-cost photographic accessories I've been developing. But everything fell through, leaving Nancy to come to the rescue.

Come on by!


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