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Friday, February 19, 2010

Out of order

For a couple of days I have been prepared to post about Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, with photos and more, but the computer I usually post from has been dying and long about Wednesday became unusable. So the pictures remain on the camera with nothing posted.

We bought a "new" (refurbished, inexpensive) computer and after a day's jockeying with it I find it wants its own monitor and keyboard (no switch sharing the monitor and keyboard with another machine is acceptable to this princess!), and just an hour ago got the basic machine up & running. CD-RW, DVD-RW... these and other things will come later; the Linux Xubuntu OS just came up and ran a few minutes ago.

In the meantime Fr. Davis called to say that the Mens' Breakfast tomorrow is canceled. It seems Linda is ill and in the hospital; I bid your prayers for her recovery.

So Linda's husband, our usual lead chef who was in fine fettle on Shrove Tuesday, is not available tomorrow, and reports on Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday will have to wait for a day or so, to follow this posting.


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