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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Selah again?

Odd. My (Linux) computer's hard drive failed Sunday, after a long and tortuous decline beginning around Christmas. New hard drive, new version of operating system, new utilities -- but the photos on the blog look really dark. I wonder if that's how others see them or if I need to tweak some setting. But I have some work to do before I can update things from this machine.

And the next trip is drawing nigh; Friday morning I'm off to Paris, returning a week later. This time there is pleasure with business: two days' touring after days of meetings (in hotel meeting rooms) followed by dinner on the last evening with my German boss before returning home.

My wife's other native language is Parisian French and she's coming with me - a gift to her and not in defence; I find the French and even Parisians completely hospitable to even to us obvious Americans. I have yet to meet the rude Frenchman of American lore.

She says she's found an Anglican church (somewhat) nearby the hotel for Sunday services. Stay tuned.


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