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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Low Sunday

I was hoping to have more to report, but little has been happening at St. Bartholomew's whilst Fr. Davis takes a well-deserved rest after the frenetic activity up through Easter, and for my part I become disconnected for coming week when I fly out tomorrow for a week in Germany to speak at Yet Another Conference, and serve some booth duty for both my employer and my European committee.

I've been through Frankfurt airport more times than I can count, but this will be my first time IN Frankfurt. (I don't count a visit quite some years ago to the then-new Allianz HQ building as a visit -- I saw way more of Darmstadt than I did Frankfurt back then.)

But many thanks to fellow parishioner Matt, who tipped me off on where I can find an excellent restaurant in Frankfurt's old town! If my colleagues (corporate and committee) don't have other plans.

The Sunday after Easter is known as "Low Sunday", referring no doubt to the reduced attendance following the festivities. It's not my wish but I will be among those absent this coming Low Sunday.


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