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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Absent again

Tonight (right about now!) the next session of The Truth Project begins, and once again I'm not present. We must be about half-way through this very interesting set of DVDs, but between travel and illness I've made it to only two sessions. I really wanted to see the second half of Part 5 on the evolution debate last week, but was home sick.

Tonight, Fr. Davis had noted Sunday, we would set out on the history series of the project. But my wife is now ill with what I had last week, only far worse; the doctor said it's something going around. So I'm staying home tonight. The next two Wednesdays I am traveling, and there just won't be much left in the series after that, even though no new trips have come up between my return home early February and next trip late March. (I was looking at going to Frankfurt again mid-March, but fortunately that's not going to be necessary -- though one of my next two trips across the Atlantic is going to be extended somewhat instead.)

It's hard to report on things when you're not there. I'll be away during the Annual Parish Meeting in a week and a half -- but I look on the bright side: nobody's asked me to stand for the Vestry this year. (grin)


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