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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Welcome (again) Tanaya!

It's been about 3 months since she finally arrived in the U.S., but the youngest (though no longer newest) member of our parish was "officially" welcomed today with rather a bit of a party after Mass. Marissa and Genevieve decorated the Parish Hall (Fr. Davis "warned" us about this during Announcements) -- it was a delight, even if balloons kept getting entangled with people and dragged everywhere.

We had a number of visitors too, including Tanaya's adoptive grandmother from Chennai (I've been to India twice on business, loved it, and really want to see more of the country), plus a family of Anglicans moved to the local area from elsewhere near Seattle. (I hope you liked what you saw -- but for reasons I've modified the photo slightly to hide faces, such is the sad state of Internet affairs these days.)

But Tanaya herself? It was clear she was having a great time!


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