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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Shrove Tuesday: Evensong and Pancake Supper

This evening's observances of Shrove Tuesday began with Evensong at 5:30. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the Evensong turnout -- though seated in quite unorthodox Anglican fashion in the very front pew (which I find I now tend to gravitate to for Matins and Evensong, retreating to the rear Epistle-side pew for Mass, a habit developed over the years when Kathy was our main organist and thus right behind that pew) I could not tell how many were there, just "many." And the "many" included many children, a continual (but remembering the days of few to no children, welcome) undertone through the service.

If I was surprised by the number of children present at the close of Evensong (I was) I was not prepared by the onslaught that followed. But before I even get into that, I have to acknowledge and thank both Gordon (chef extraordinaire) and D.J. for their service in the kitchen. (Guys, I had a clearer picture of you two but am squelching it to save any potential embarrassment.) So all you get is this one photo of the early work.

Children? I think the children may have outnumbered the adults, though it was impossible to capture more than a few at a time in one picture.

At this point I am having difficulty with BLOGSPOT hosting, and my posting is incomplete. Please bear with me while I try to update this blog.) children

Just a few additions here; little Mary Eve (barely visible) surprised some of us as she was clearly trying to sing before she could even talk. In (my side of) my family it seems we're genetically programmed to be engineers; in her family, musicians. Wonderful!

And I would be certainly remiss if I did not thank both Gordon and D.J. for their masterful service in the kitchen! This was, in my opinion, the most memorable Shrove Tuesday dinner we'ce held yet. (Note to self: next year we need to figure out how to seat more people at the same time -- we're running out of space...)


  • At 1:03 AM, Anonymous Kathy said…

    Blueberry pancakes after midnight - YUM!

    I had to be at a committee hearing in Olympia this evening and thus was unable to participate in the activities. The short stack I ordered was waiting for me with the compliments of the chefs and your love. Thank you for including me. I usually never miss a Shrove Tuesday. I hope the legislature doesn't schedule any other bills of interest on days of obligation. Yes, I know Shrove Tuesday is not a feast or a day of obligation, however it sets a contrast for the rest of Lent and as such serves a useful purpose.

    May you all have a holy Lent.


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