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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Annunciation and John 17

We had a most interesting juxtaposition between the service and Scripture Class tonight.

The service was abbreviated Evensong transitioning into Holy Communion. This was very nice because it brought in the Old Testament reading along with the (scripture appointed for the) Epistle and Gospel. We celebrated the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, normally on the 25th but transferred to today. One thing different which I don't recall seeing before was that the crosses remained veiled, but today in white.

We tried to "do it up" a bit also with incense too (I served as Thurifer), but this was a service in which it seemed nothing went quite right, right down to the folks who got caught in traffic trying to get to church. Our numbers were down a bit from usual, including our strongest voices. A more detailed walkthrough beforehand would have helped... but we didn't have time.

Still, for all it was in Lent the service was a little bit of Christmas, in a way, looking forward 9 months to the celebration of our Lord's birth and this was reflected in the readings.

After the service we had another of our delightful light suppers, with more hands than usual involved. When ever did St. Bartholomew's have so many good cooks and chefs?!

And then... our "surprise" guest. Well, he was a surprise to some of us but others of us had guessed. The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon conducted our last Lenten class on John, John 17 in particular (Jesus' last prayer before Gethsemane), and it was challenging to us in many ways!

One thing that rang so true with me, because I've felt this for a long time, is the Commission in that prayer: "God has given us a treasure and we want to share it with the world." We have a treasure, and in the most unchurched corner of the country I'd love to be able to share it. (For all I tend to be really shy.) Anglicans, at least in North America, tend not to be very good in this area.

Talking about this with Fr. Daniel afterward I was reminded of a document I'd found online a few years ago, "Evangelism for Anglicans" or something like that: a study course in preparation for evangelism. I guess I need to dig it up and forward it to him for evaluation.

If only because I think God has given us a beautiful treasure and we ought to be sharing it with the world. Thank you, Fr. Toon!


  • At 10:33 PM, Blogger Anglican Parish Priest said…

    We certainly have a treasure, for all that it may be in "earthen vessels"... It was so nice to end our Lenten Series with a bit of Christmas (9 months early), and "many thanks" to Bill for providing a little Atmosphere with the pure frankincense. The lecture on our Lord's "Consecratory Prayer" of John 17 was very enlightening - definitely some good spiritual "meat" for a Lenten Evening: thank you, Dr. Toon. The Carot-Curry Bisque was a good soup (shouldn't we start collecting these into a Lenten recipe booklet?), and the fix-it-yourself Caesar Salad brought by the Miller Menagerie was a neat complement, along with the Pain Francais and Red Potato Bread from Great Harvest Bakery (a local favorite). Thanks everyone for participating in a great Lenten Series! Hope to see you at our next Study, which will commence on Trinity Sunday.

  • At 4:15 AM, Anonymous Kolokotronis said…

    "We tried to "do it up" a bit also with incense too (I served as Thurifer), but this was a service in which it seemed nothing went quite right, right down to the folks who got caught in traffic trying to get to church."

    Your problems are easily bells on the thurible. At the Pre-sanctified Liturgy last night I had those bells on the "theemeeato" positively singing! I'm working on getting so I can swing it in a complete, vertical circle without the incense and charcoal flying out.

    Having Fr. Toon speak to you is marvelous, but I am not surprised. It is quite apparent that your parish is a light of orthodox Anglicanism in an otherwise rather dark area.

  • At 9:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That must have been some Lenten lesson! Perhaps some day Fr. Toon will make his way down South.

    Red Potato Bread? Never heard of it, but it sounds really good.

    Will (from Prydain)

  • At 9:26 AM, Blogger Continuing Home said…

    Will, it was *quite* a lesson!

    The bread too was very very good.


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