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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Passion Sunday

Fr. Daniel's sermon for the beginning of Passiontide held a surprise for me: somehow I'd never known the etymology of "passion." He observed that its roots were in Latin "passio", to suffer. Looking it up, I find the modern senses go back "only" some 370 to 420 years -- and the original sense seems to be lost today. (He noted this in the bulletin. Note to Fr. Daniel: Great idea, this should be repeated every year.)

It may be Passion Sunday today but at St. Bartholomew's this was a day of joy, not suffering. I don't blog about life's ills that occasionally befall our parishioners, but I will say that this Sunday we were all overjoyed to see Joanne back and even walking without a cane! I noticed that before the service began everyone entered, sat down in the pews, saw Joanne and immediately went over to give her a hug; no question that but she's loved here. I suspect she still has a long road ahead, so please say a prayer for her.

One thing the parish did not hear today was Kathy's report on the Kairos Prison Ministry last weekend. She was ready, but circumstances dictated that she was not in the church during the announcements. She plans on submitting/circulating a written report this week; I will try to post or link to it here.

What our parishioners (and visitors) did hear today were fireworks! Fr. Daniel announced almost apologetically before the service that we might be confused about whether we were attending a church office or a concert, but Josephine had been working on the Suite Gothique for Organ, op. 25, by Leon Boellman (1862-1897). I don't recall why, perhaps it is part of her Doctorate in Music program. For the Prelude we heard:
I Introduction - Choral
II Menuet gothique

For her part at Communion (she and Kathy trade off on the organ bench during Communion):
III Priere a Notre Dame (apologies for the lack of the appropriate accent marks)
And for the Postlude:
IV Toccata

As one whose musical skills only got as far as the bagpipe ("Nae sae guid but aye loud!") I am in awe.

But that was just the beginning. The Girls' Choir sang this Sunday too, and all I can say is that I clearly know nothing about choirs or choral music. I thought their early performances were wonderful, but every time they sing they're even more delightful.

Choirs... During the coffee hour George asked me whether, if Fr. Daniel formed a Mens' Choir, I'd sign up. Probably. Nae sae guid but aye loud. We'd need men like George to drown me out.

But even that wasn't all of it. Fr. Daniel and Ranjit recognized the boys and girls in our "servers' program (Acolytes, Crucifers and Lucifers), noting they've been through some training sessions with one or two more following Easter, and awarding them special crosses for their service. I have to say the training shows, and they're doing an excellent job.

Passion Sunday was not a day of suffering here...


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