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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Matins, Mens' Group Breakfast and Shoveling Gravel

We had a good turnout for Matins, Mens' Group Breakfast, and the work party this morning. Hoping I don't forget anyone... Fr. Daniel, Deacon Ed, George, Matt, Stephen, Paul Jr., D.J. and myself. The parts of Matins we sang were really something to hear, with just mens' voices -- and some strong ones too. (Reminder to self: Schola Cantorum meets tomorrow at 9 AM to study the Good Friday hymns of the Rev. Thomas Benson Pollock.)

Normally Gordon makes the breakfast, but he got this month off because today is his birthday. SO instead, Ranjit demonstrated his culinary skills -- I am impressed! (It seems we have several master chefs in our congregation now; sadly, I am not one of them.)

After breakfast we headed up to start work on spreading gravel on the drive and parking lot. Unfortunately the gravel truck had tried to come up through the exit, which is rather steep. As a result a lot of gravel got left down by Avondale Road, and had to be hauled up and spread by hand. This was a LOT more work than I recall it being the last time we got gravel --and it's always been work, what with the surprisingly large area to be covered-- the picture shows about half the area.

It had been clouding up and getting colder while we were working, but the rain held off until the very end.


  • At 6:54 AM, Anonymous Kolokotronis said…

    Shoveling gravel, eh? Well, that's a good job for a men's group! Ours got cancelled Saturday morning, as did the Akathist for Friday evening as a real rip roarer of a storm blew in and dumped a foot of snow through Friday night and Saturday morning. We were shoveling alright...but not gravel!

    Looks like you have a good group!

  • At 2:49 PM, Blogger Continuing Home said…

    I think we have a great group! Sorry to hear about your snow, especially while we're seeing spring getting underway. But you can see from the picture in the latest posting that it can be dark and gloomy here.

    We compared notes this morning and decided that this job was easier than the windstorm cleanup a few weeks ago.


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