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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Catechism Class II

Fr. Daniel is conducting a Catechism Class for our prospective confirmands and some of those wishing to be received into St. Bartholomew's and/or to learn more about Anglicanism. He posted a sign-up sheet for members who would like to host a tea before the class, to sit through (and participate) in the class, and join the group for Evensong afterward.

Yesterday was our turn to host the tea, and was I ever glad we did! First, Fr. Daniel had mentioned that there would be 10 in the class, and I can (um) confirm that. I think that's the largest class I've seen since my own a long time ago, but back then I was in a church many, many times larger than St. Bartholomew's. If you don't see 10 members in the class, it's because a couple were a little late.

But it was interesting to re-hear the material we'd been taught so long ago, to hear the questions being asked, and to participate in the discussions. And more than interesting... almost a thrill to be involved, even in such a little way, in passing on the "Faith Once Delivered to the Saints" (with discussion even of who is a "saint," or "Saint!") to the next generation of Anglicans.


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