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Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Bishop is Coming

If the blog's been a bit quiet lately, it's only because I was on the other side of the country for the week, having finally arrived back home about 1 AM last night.

The Bishop has it easier; he's only flying in from Sacramento and if he's not already at the church he's probably on his way from SeaTac airport as I write.

But he has a busier than usual schedule this year. He'll be meeting with the Confirmands' Class plus there will be a tea which includes those being received into the church. That will be followed by Evensong and interviews with some of the men considering ministries, then it's dinner with the Vestry and others at 7.

Tomorrow's service sounds interesting, from what I've heard. Between all the various servers and the Girls' Choir, the Sanctuary is going to be a bit crowded.


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