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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Planting seeds

One thing about St. Bartholomew's these days is that nothing seems to be static! I've seen churches whose websites go for months and (sadly) years without change, but our Announcements page seems to be in perpetual flux -- though just updated Sunday by the addition of the server schedule and the announcement of the fall bazaar, today it's been revised again with an announcement of the Garden Guild's activities. Garden Guild? Well, Nancy did announce it in Sunday's service, and I have to admit that I appreciate and delight in the care being taken with the gardens.

(Just please don't try to draft me for garden tasks. I have a black thumb, though it doesn't seem to extend to blackberries and other nasties.)

Also noted, "Camp Cookie" to support Kairos Prison Ministries. There is no way to express just how much prison ministry means to prisoners. For a significant number it becomes a lifeline, and I have heard (I haven't researched it) of studies that show that those convicts who become engaged in prison ministries have a much lower rate of re-offense than those who don't. I am also told that many such, after release, become involved in prison ministry themselves -- who better to show the way out but one who's walked through it?

For all that we're in the least-churched corner of the country, I suspect there is no mission field in the country more ripe than the prisons. It's not easy to walk in through those clashing gates voluntarily, but you'll also not likely walk back out without feeling a mission to plant more seeds.


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