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Monday, July 23, 2007

God Careth For Me

I had hoped to post a better picture of the new sign, but I not only forgot to bring the digital SLR (which got a bit of a workout at a get-together in the rain Saturday), I even forgot to bring the pocket camera that I almost always have around. (I also nearly forgot my notebook and Bible for the Bible Study.)

And if that wasn't bad enough, this was the Sunday little Kavya was going to be carrying the Sunday School Banner forward in the procession, and leading the Church School out before the Sermon. I wanted to post a picture of her with the banner, it was such a cute picture, and she was all smiles and joy. Ranjit said she was really excited to do this and couldn't wait to get to church!

Somebody, I forgot who, said she's always excited to go to church. And she's not the only one -- little(r) Danny and Pru have become good friends; I remember DeeDee saying Pru was always wanting to go to church too.

I tried taking pictures of both the church sign and Kavya using the cellphone's camera, something I haven't used for a long time, but the lens was too smudged. Still, in the process I noticed something that had escaped me before -- the legend on the banner was pretty good 1928-BCP style English: "God Careth For Me."

Having grown up familiar with the 1928 BCP, its measured cadences and what the Rev. Dr. Peter Toon calls "English liturgical idiom," I was happy to suddenly realize that new generations are learning it now. It would be a sad issue were this to be lost.


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