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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Anglican Camp photos

I've resolved the issue of the animated GIF taken during Sunday's communion service: As noted, this may take a while to load -- it's 15 megabytes. The shots were taken at two-minute intervals and all frames but the first and last play at 2 second intervals.

I also have my photos, those I could recover, uploaded here:

The last two require some explanation, because they weren't from the camp.

Towards the end of the camp it was suggested that next year's camp be held at the Rogue River in Oregon -- a suggestion well-received by more than the Pacific Northwest contingent. (It was well-received Sunday at St. Bartholomew's; we might have a greater turnout if so.) And more than a few good-byes in the camp were said as "Next year in Rogue River!"

It so happened that our drive home took us right by the Rogue River so we stopped for a few minutes to take a couple of pictures and pick up flyers for the campground and a brochure of activities in the region. After our days at the Hat Creek Campground by Mount Lassen, the Rogue RIver looked impossibly green.


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