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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Well, this evening was one of surprises! Started when I arrived, barely on time thanks to our infamous traffic, and saw... red balloons... everywhere. Rather a nice touch, and red rather appropriate, considering our martyred patron saint.

Inside the new candlesticks were finally in place, where I got to see them for the first time. Now we don't have just the Eucharistic lights -- but the layout of candles on the altar is not familiar so it'll take a couple of times to get the candle-lighting and extinguishing down (primarily where one stands to do same). Later I learned that I'd been given the honor of lighting them for the first time.

Fr. Daniel was surprised I knew the lighting order. But I learned it about 45 years ago, though I haven't used it in almost 40. But I was taught: "the light extends from the cross and it returns to the cross," a rather unforgettable image and one that might be good for the acolytes (note to Acolyte Master Ranjit!).

Solemn Evensong was beautiful -- and another surprise. We sung and chanted a good part of it, and the congregation did a great job! They're (we're) picking this up quickly. Some elements of the chant need a little work, but not much.

Then we went down to the Parish Hall for a potluck "supper" and, unsurprisingly, quite a spread was there. You need never go hungry at a St. Bartholomew's Potluck Supper! We have a number of terrific cooks, it appears. (Then there's me.)

Afterwards, there was music. First Josephine on the piano -- I wonder if this was simple compared to what she's doing for her doctorate? The equivalent to what Highland pipers call ceol beag (light music)? (Once my traveling days are past, I may inflict the parish with the pipes again.)

But then, another big surprise. Kavya sang and played a hymn for us, from memory, accompanied by her teacher Josephine and she did exceptionally well. Ranjit and Meyya may have been the proudest there, but they weren't the only ones. More budding musical talent in the church. Wow!

Mary Ellen entertained us after that with stories of the early days, going back 29 years to St. Bartholomew's founding. (We need to capture some of these on the church website -- there are amusing elements.)

Things rather wound down after that as it was getting late, but I had one last surprise to come. From a chance remark I gathered that the roses for the table centerpieces that evening had all come from the church gardens. Nancy J. and the Garden Guild have done a wonderful job -- not only doing great work with the gardens outside, but providing for things inside!


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