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Monday, December 24, 2007

I'm dreaming of a wet Christmas

Well not really, but that it what it looks like we'll be getting. It seems like we've been getting an unusual amount of heavy rain lately: heavy enough on Saturday morning that when the discussion of putting up the outside lights that morning, instead of during the Greening of the Church, the consensus was to wait -- it couldn't be worse on Sunday.

So of course it was. Unfortunately there were issues with the strings, and places to put them. (The door used to be flanked by a couple of bushes, but they became overlarge and so were removed earlier this year.) But the lights are up and the tree branches that had grown in front of the parking lot cut away, so we're almost ready in the lighting department. I just have to go to the church this afternoon with an extension cord and a light for the drive entrance and we'll be set. (Kathy's harp will go too, to adjust to the church for this evening's service.)

And the forecast? Showers. (And maybe chance of snow, depending upon the weather website.) I just don't remember past Christmases being this wet.


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