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Monday, December 03, 2007


Longtime readers of this blog (if there are any) know what that title means: I'm on the road again with spotty Internet access and so things will likley be quiet for a while. This time I'm off to London (well, Horsham) until Saturday, then Vienna retuning home, Deo volente, Thursday, Dec. 14th.

Bob & Diane are delighted at the Vienna visit; they lived (and met) in Vienna, something that sounds so romantic I can't even imagine. I can't figure whether to be delighted (Vienna in December is apparently quite special) or in trepidation (Meine wenige Deutsch ist sehr schlecht), especially as it turns out I should not only have a good part of the coming weekend to tour, but since my Wednesday business got cancelled this morning and it would cost $1700 to return a day earlier, I have all of Wednesday free to tour too. Maybe they'll see this and send suggestions on what else to see...?

But in any event; I was too sick to make it to church yesterday. The church website's Announcements page, in Quote of the Week, references the choir's offering yesterday. I wish I could have heard it -- Fr. Daniel said they did well, and if he says that you can bank on it. He said it was a small turnout due to the weather (no surprise), but I wish I could have seen little Danny and Pru carrying the Church School's new Advent Banner.

Fr. Daniel also has a new sermon series going, for the four Sundays in Advent, on The Last Things: Death, Judgement, Hell and Heaven. Seems maybe dark for Advent -- or maybe not for what is after all a penitential season. Check it out, and tell me what you think.

Auf Weiderschreiben...


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