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Sunday, December 16, 2007

The joy of Being Home Again, sort of

Those who know me know I really hate travel, for all my job has become one thoroughly bound up with it, but I have learned to deal with such. My travel does have its ups: I get to see interesting places such as Vienna, & Cairo & New Delhi & Beijing &... -- and it has its downs: I have to deal with the local cuisine (which can be but is not always a bad thing; I have an amusing story of how I learned that chickens' feet can be quite tasty) among other things.

One thing I figured out quite some time ago, though: There's No Place Like Home, and I'm always glad to get back. Today was the 3rd Sunday in Advent, though due to illness and travel it was my first Advent Sunday at St. Bartholomew's. Rose Sunday (which will never be the same after the entry in Wannabe Newbie Anglican blog about the Sunday the vestments were pink!), in honor of Mary. More surprises, including a delightful intro prior to the procession with organ, Fr. Daniel and Claire (were there others? I didn't turn around to see).

What have I missed the past two Sundays? I may never know, though at least I've read Fr. Daniel's excellent sermons.

But I also did not come back the same as I left -- after a week and a half of always being somewhat formally dressed I felt the need to at least wear the tweed jacket (my source of warmth in Vienna, with overcoat against the cold rain) and tie, with good slacks. Rather formal by Pacific Northwest standards, and I heard it from fellow parishioners after the service. I just felt I had to dress more respectfully, in the midwestern manner in which I was raised.

But I was home again where most things were familiar. Okay, the church school has a new Advent banner and there was a new Advent candle lighting ceremony introduced while I was ill/away. Still, it's home and I'm glad to have a month here before I take off again.


  • At 11:27 AM, Blogger Mark said…

    I'm much more liturgically correct now. I know now that it's not pink; it's rose.

    Reminds me of the art teacher who insisted to us kids, "It's not naked; it's nude."


  • At 4:42 PM, Blogger Continuing Home said…

    LOL, Mark!


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