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Saturday, December 01, 2007

The end of Trinity

Went around updating the calendars this morning. It was a little odd when I took down the November page of the Ordo Kalendar and saw that one speck of green, today, in a month full of purple, white and red. The end of the long season of Trinity is here.

And as a sign that winter is coming, there was snow this morning. Just a dusting here that's slowly melting away. But it looked like more came down to the west of us. I hope there wasn't enough to cause Fr. Daniel any difficulties this morning; even a little snow can cause a lot of trouble here, as he's discovered, due to hills, no salt, insufficient snow-removal equipment, and situations that turn it quite readily to ice. At lunch yesterday he recalled all the difficulties last year with the Advent evening classes, between the snow and the wind.


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