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The ongoing saga of a Continuing Anglican church home, as seen by a member of the laity.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Synod Planning

Directing the arrangements for hosting this year's Synod (diocesan convention) has proved to be both easier and more difficult than I expected. The "delegation" model has worked really well -- give folks a task and they run with it, unlike the "consensus committee" model to which I'm most accustomed; the latter has been little but trouble for all it has cast lights on particular problems.

But it looks like everything is in place: tomorrow the gift bags will be made, we have identified volunteers where needed, the ACW is finalizing the Saturday brunch arrangements, we've worked out the various dinner locations and costs, and Bob has done a great job arranging the transport between the hotel and church.

It saddens me still that I will miss it all, but life is that way sometimes. I missed the last two Synods because of business travel. One more? It fits the pattern; I've missed a number of company Christmas / Solstice / WinterFest / Holiday / Whatever-you want-to-call-it company celebrations thanks to travel.