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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Remembrance Grove

On Sunday D.J. reported on the plan for the property along Avondale Way drafted by the Memorial Committee and the Junior Warden. From the road the property never been highly attractive but our focus has always been on other things, and there's an awful lot to keep up.

Two or three years ago Dee and Joanne drafted a five year plan for the grounds, which has been proceeding fairly well thus far, covering the larger extent of the gardens -- though the Garden Guild seems not to have been too active of late, probably because so many parishioners are traveling (Sunday's turnout was half the average).

But the latest plan is a Remembrance Grove, a number of native flowering trees to provide at least seasonal color and shade (Pacific Northwesterners love shade, and something other than intense green is also nice once in a while), and maybe some noise abatement (color me uncertain). Funds for several trees have already been donated, and it's noted that the "memory" hardly needs to be limited to a parishioner gone on to the greater glory. For example, next year is our 30th wedding anniversary and our 26th year at St. Bartholomew's -- it seems that would count.

Not the first "memory" I have on the grounds, though. There is "Danny's Rock," for example, but that's a story for another post.


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