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Thursday, November 13, 2008


No news is... no news. By Sunday morning it was clear I needed more time for recovery so I stayed home -- and sadly, I missed another performance by our choir. Maybe it was best I didn't know in advance. As it was, I had another 2-1/2 days at home ahead of me.

Today was my first full day at work in a while and it started off with a quandary. Tomorrow is a special event, "The Continuing Relevance of C. S. Lewis for the Church Today," A Church Leaders Forum, with The Rev. Dr. Michael Ward, C.S. Lewis scholar and priest in the Church of England. I very much want to attend this event and even swapped meeting times at work tomorrow meeting so I could take the rest of the day off as vacation to attend. I thought more of the household was going to go also, but an early-morning exchange of e-mails with Fr. McGrath just left me confused -- none of the pre-arrangements except my registration had been made.

Later, when everyone at home was up, I was reminded that the ACW's (Anglican Church Womens') annual bazaar (a real one again, not the fun if bizarre No-Bazaar Bazaar of one recent year) is tomorrow and Saturday. Many in the ACW also wanted to attend the event -- but if everyone went nobody would be available to run the bazaar. So, faced with this conflict, most if not all had decided in favor of working at the bazaar.

I commend their sense of duty, and the sacrifice.


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